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Mar 16th, Bellevue High School, 3-7pm

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Our Mission

To see all children and adults of the impoverished communities of India and other countries have access and opportunities to quality education and healthcare and enable them to live with dignity and pride. 

How to help

All the branches of VT Seva conduct annual fundraising events to support education and complete care of these underprivileged children. Our upcoming annual events UTSAV in Seattle, ALOK in Houston, DAYA in Nashville, RAAS in Detroit, SUBHADA in Virginia and TEJA in Minnesota are being conducted with a goal to empower 700 underprivileged children. It takes just $1/day to support one full year of a child's education

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Our Priority: 

Our #1 priority is the children’s future.  We believe in our efforts and conduct our schools to the highest standards. We truly appreciate your support in helping the forgotten children realize their dreams.  We are constantly improving and improvising new methods of teaching. Your suggestions are most welcome. Be a part of this effort and enjoy the happiness of serving!


Jeeyar Gurukulams

The three schools at Allampally, Birsaipet, and Katarivaripalem are located in remote forests and villages with little to no infrastructure. With education, these children form the building blocks for a strong community and country.

Jeeyar Gurukulams are making a difference in a deep forest areas where many tribal people live in small groups called thandas. Making firewood, harvesting some seeds, working and living in woods is their lifestyle.

In 2004, Jeeyar Gurukulam, first school in Allampally was established followed by one in Birsaipeta in 2005 and the third one in Katarivaripalem, tsunami hit area in May,2007. Today, these places which were deprived basic necessities earlier, have schools with advanced computer & science labs along with dedicated and competent faculty. Many alumni of these schools are now pursuing their college education in reputed institutions such as APRJC.